Tips for Creating a Sustainable Brand Identity in 2020

In simple words, brand identity is a selection of brand representations – your company’s emblem, brand, talisman, computer graphics, labels, and other related materials for the target audience.  Hence, brand identity for small business is a must. Therefore, everything that conveys a new message to the public is essential to a business organization.


To achieve this financial result, brand designers must carefully focus on the needs of the customer. By thinking about individual behavior and understanding the psychological side of design, they can create a great new brand identity in 2020. But how can they do that? Let’s find out.

Do More Market Research on Audience

Brand identityMarket research provides entrepreneurs and senior managers with information that answers their questions about customer behavior. They need to know that these topics may be of interest to specific business regions: logistics, pricing, advertising, public relations, branding, and a general development concept. Research is the only way to think about a development strategy aimed at increasing profits. Therefore, all designers must study their audience and understand their preferences and tastes. In this way, it is possible to create a distinctive new identity.

Keep the Simplicity

Any supplier’s success depends on how effectively a company shares its information with its partners and customers. One of the most critical sources of information about the company is its representation on the terrestrial network. Therefore, web designers must pay attention to simplicity when creating new identities. Make sure that your company’s logo, website, social media pages are recognizable and available online. Design these pages so that customers feel comfortable navigating them and can easily remember your brand.

Focus on Transformable Logo Design

Modern designers work hard when their logo has to be used on different platforms. Now, not only are they sure that their logo fits well at every point, but they also wonder how a different logo design can help them establish a stronger relationship with a variety of clients. As a result, they strive to have a symbol that changes according to the required type.

In 2020, this trend will soon eclipse the unified approach to logo design. Specialized iconography, dynamic design, and careful customization will help you decide on a legitimate link with your target market’s specific needs and allow you to tell your stories to potential customers.

Maximize the Application of the Geometry of the New Century

When you know a particular trend, people limit their potential. In 2019, designers try to break the prescribed limits and balance simple design with bright colors and pleasant and strange compositions. They will do so to eliminate boring and tedious design routines. The whole nature of the trend is to give warmth to geometric logos and convey clear messages to customers. So combine bold geometric shapes with vibrant colors to keep your brand identity clear.

Evaluate Social Media Campaigns

Social media presence has become an indispensable part of the marketing program. Social media audiences are willing to devote their time and focus on exciting and useful content. Therefore, entrepreneurs are happy to benefit from this scenario and provide them with their “share” of information. Remember that the analysis of key indicators for social media advertising allows you to optimize the increasing costs of advertising and increase your marketing strategy’s sustainability.

Create Videos for Your Brand

Today, a company’s videos are often part of a marketing campaign. A corporate video is a great way to show consumers and investors the benefits of a new business and convey professionalism. Always remember that time on your website is one of the components of Google’s ranking. That’s why you want to create and add videos to your website to increase conversion rates to exceptional levels.