Foodie Gift Ideas

Most Amazing Gift Ideas for Foodies in 2021

So you have a family member or friend who, when you think of them, you probably think of a particular food over a distinctive feature – cucumbers, pizza, hot sauce! Well, lucky for you, we’ve discovered foodie gift ideas for every “don’t call me a foodie” type of foodie in your life: from the coffee snob to the reusable straws activist, from the knife collector to the cake stalker (you know, those men and women who follow cake frosting accounts on Instagram). If you do it right, they’ll probably make you more food because let’s be honest, that’s what you really want, right?

Foodie Gift Ideas

Stainless Steel Mug

First, let’s start with a gift idea for your “eco-friendly” friend. Yes, it is for that friend with “No worries, I bring my own mug, please use this mug.” Technically, it’s a mug. But, don’t call it a “muggle” mug, because it will make you go, “What is this spell?” If you drink from it. Also, its shiny, matte exterior (we love black and smoky blue) makes it an accessory that everyone loves to wear. This stainless steel mug will make your friend happy as they can support their eco-living way of life.

Reusable Coffee Straw

Your friends won’t burn their mouths and their teeth won’t fall out, get the Koffie straw for that. It’s made of soft silicone, is dishwasher safe and stays at room temperature regardless of the temperature of the beverage you’re drinking. Plus, it’s easier to carry than a metal straw because it’s flexible and folds up to fit in your bag. And today, for your cool factor, silicone will be around forever, but if you ever need to get rid of it, all you have to do is burn it and it turns into 100% biodegradable ash. Boom.

Cooking Book

Foodie Gift IdeasOkay, this is classic. But believe me, it always works! If you know what I mean, now is the time to take it up with the cookbook where it was born. It’s a fantastic ode to the four pillars of good cooking, steering home cooks away from blindly following recipes to the letter and guiding them to create delicious dishes from their gut with whatever ingredients they have. Cooking books are also not restricted to several ages. You can give these books to your millennial friend or even to your grandma.

Pepper Grinder

This is the pepper mill to put an end to all pepper mills – it might not sound that exciting to some, but it’s a real game-changer for the home cook. Grind settings: from finest to coarsest. For example, grind some coarse pepper for your Caesar salad, and with a few simple clicks, you can add a finer grind to your soup. And while you’re at it, to complete the gift and find the right seasoning, get the right flexible salt grinder.

Pressure Cooker

This is another unique gift idea for a foodie friend. Not that it really requires any excuse at all this stage, but it’s 1 pot with eight purposes – as a non-creepy it. And if the gadget still seems intimidating, there’s no better “Instant Pot” guide than the one that includes the Instant Pot’s Risotto Carbonara recipe. So, yeah. Those are the best gift ideas for your foodie friends.…